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Burn Brighter Through the Cold

January, 1943.  Samantha Stewart already called it a bleak midwinter, and it looks even bleaker when the usually-indefatigable DCS Foyle falls ill. But Sam, the Foyle family, and Sgt. Milner find the fires of affection - familial, friendly, and even romantic - can indeed burn brighter through the cold.  (A sequel to the episode "Bleak Midwinter.")

Sam Stewart/Andrew Foyle romance.
Approximately 29,000 words.

Read on Fanfiction dot net (broken into three chapters)
Read on Archive of Our Own (single page, easy downloads in PDF, EPUB or MOBI formats)

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Title: Quiet Ride
Authour: queen_tatiana
Rating/Genre: pg-13/het
Pairing: Christopher Foyle/Samantha Stewart
Summary: Sam is tired of waiting for Foyle to make a move, so one quiet night she decides to take action.
Word count: 715
Spoilers/Warnings: No.
Notes: Written for Porn Battle XIII and the prompt Christopher Foyle/Samantha Stewart, quiet… but not actually that smutty!

In my journal: http://queen-tatiana.livejournal.com/1199.html
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That's right, ladies and gentlemen-who-love-ladies. A comment fic-a-thon devoted to the interactions between your favorite female characters.

Go check it out!


Mods, if this is not allowed, feel free to delete.
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Had to share this, it's too awesome not to!

ITV 3 is having a "People's Detective Dagger" Award - so go vote for your favorite detective!!


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[20] Foyle's War icons (Foyle centric)



in a large multifandom post (inc. Fringe, LOST, Hell's Kitchen & Harry Potter)
HERE @ crazy_pill 

: some of the quote icons contain F-bombs.
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If you're interested in adding a new LandComm to your daily routine you might like to check out caseland. It's a challenge community for any and all crime scene/police procedural shows, including "Foyle's War". The three teams are Team Cops, Team Morgue, and Team Forensics and you compete in teams for points. Be nice to have some more FW fans there :)

Go here to apply (ask for Team Cops :p).

The company that owns the rights to FW has gone into administration :( I realise that the last series probably was the last one, but I hope that Jill Green is able to buy back the rights to FW, just in case!!!
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(Hi all, I'm delighted  to find this comm, and I hope posting fic here is okay, since it's been done in the past.)

Disclaimer: Neither Milner nor Sam nor any other character mentioned belong to me; they are the great creations of Anthony Horowitz, ITV, et al. The song "The Jolly Miller" is a folk song, also  known as "The Miller of Dee", but I used the lyrics found here .
Rating: FRAO/NC-17
Genre: Het/ PWP/ Friendship/Angst

Spoilers: Set between 4.01 "Invasion", and 4.02 "Bad Blood".
Pairing: Milner/Sam

Summary: The Grace Davies/Will Grayson case has been resolved, but Milner hasn't found any rest yet. Maybe a late-night visit from a friend will help...

(what song is it?)
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I have posted my first blog entry on my journal. I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks for your support.
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Hello, I have been following this community for a few months now, and I liked the Foyle's War blog that three of the members have been putting on. Since they haven't put up an entry for over two months now, I thought I would also start a blog that give my take on it. So starting soon perhaps even today, I would post entries on this blog. You can read it at my journal. Most would be my take on each episode, but I may even do entries on various themes that the show dealt with. So sit back and enjoy.
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So I've been having Internet and Computer Issues and am going through lj stuff to see what I missed. I was expecting a post or two (or three) about the new series. Does anyone have a comment post/thread to direct me to? Otherwise, I nominate this one.

And I post under a cut so as to prevent spoilageCollapse )

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